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mafoni of donguaan, CN
Feb 10, 2023 11:51 pm EST

Staff Behavior - RUD and Asked me to Delete Alibaba no problems - Harrashment

I am new on alibaba and facing problems for uploading the products on alibaba and trying to contact with alibaba staff and get very bad exerpiance and rud

she not resolved my problem and when I asked can resolve the problem or should I forget then she answer me rudely that forget Alibaba or delete there no problem

Meaning " If I am not getting solution then delete Alibaba from my computer and forget it and she don't care """"

how the staff can say this ?

I have all records and chat history which I want to share with news and social media , it is very rude answer and from one month I am waiting for the solution and harassment , I am using Alibaba from 5 years and now the first time I feel shame on that answer to " forget alibaba and use another like amazon .

no have customers value for alibaba ,

I hope you will take care your company from that kind staffs and save your image as well good

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Larren Gessler of US
Feb 06, 2023 7:36 am EST


I ordered some tools paid for shipping. Now he wants 243 dollars for custom’s I can’t get a refund he said no. He didn’t use your site. It was private. I have all the emails. I paid with zelle. Please help. His name was Richard witaker. The order was shipped Saturday. He never mentioned customs fee. The order was supposed to be here Friday. I don’t have 244 dollars

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Emkay Kudzai of cork, IE
Jan 31, 2023 9:15 am EST
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I haven't received my parcel since last year June 2022. Order was hold by customs.

Order ekm 22- 01
Tracking number [protected] fedex
Order not received since June 2022 and tried to communicate with the seller to trace it for me as when I did, he would say it's in customs. I asked the customs to say that the order was returned
Order was returned to seller without any information brought to me or even to say order is in custom.

Desired outcome: i wish my money returned or samples re sent

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Raymark Jenkins of United States, US
Jan 05, 2023 7:38 pm EST
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Send me my purchase or give me my money back

I was offered a car at $500 dollars plus $100 dollars shipping and I sent the money western union $700 and the Dealer has kept my money and will not send me my purchase and is trying to raise the amount for the purchase and I have contacted customer support for but receive a message that they couldn't help me.. I really need your assistance

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fatih eyileten of US
Dec 02, 2022 3:33 am EST

cheater supplıer supporting

I have found a supplıer from

it was in Gold supplıer list.

then ı have purchased products from them.

all payments were via alibaba system

and ı puschased product monitoring service from

products arrived and quality is poor.products broken.

Supplıer does not accept its mistake and alibaba does not support me and help.

my companies 17.000 usd is lost.

and alibaba ask me not warranty agreement.

it was gold supplıer and ı have trusted

ı want alibaba solve my problem with their gold supplıer.

Desired outcome: please refund or solve problem.

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Update by fatih eyileten
Dec 02, 2022 3:35 am EST

alibaba have to support purchaser,

ı contacted with customer relations many time

just they reply same 10 times

ıt took time and my companies money lost

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Jose Luis velez of US
Nov 29, 2022 7:36 pm EST

Gps car Radio

Recently I bought an Android 10.0 Car Multimedia Player Stereo 6+128gb for a 2011 Subaru Forester thru ,. order number [protected], as of 09/09/2022 The product came defective and I make a claim. The seller , Ms. Allan Wei, advice me, several times, to cancel the refund application for she was to take care of the problem for me as soon as possible. Time passed and she never solved my problem. This is a $417.00 products. I want to know if you can help me out to get a replacement. Please, let me know what you need in order I can get a replacement. Thanks Cordially; Jose Velez San Juan, Puerto Rico [protected]

Order [protected]

Desired outcome: Want a refund or a warranty replacement

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John Snell of US
Nov 25, 2022 6:23 pm EST

Web site

1. There is too much alternate things mixed in with a particular item's web content, making it less use friendly

2. The messages do not have links directly back to the item's page, where I can reference specifications and etc.

3. The search filters are insufficient. To enhance it, add options (and post instructions) add "-","+", quote and variable options.

4. Replies to questions are often not answered unless you ask 2 or 3 times.

Desired outcome: 1. Improved search filters2. Better English responses

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M of Fort Myers, FL., US
Nov 21, 2022 4:34 pm EST
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In May 2022 Mr Ryan Schaefer ID. US [protected] meg W My family home furnishings LLC Sold me a mini china E. solar white 2 door. Car. $899. Plus Shipping $500 Total. $ 1,400. He told me it was coming from China and it was Corona virus time. I waited 4 months he told me security got involved and the shipping had corona virus COVID 19 I then gave to...

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Temmy R of Johannesburg, ZA
Nov 18, 2022 6:05 am EST
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Order not delivered

Placed an order for 13 items. Order no [protected] placed on 7th October 2022. Keep asking for tracking no from suppliers and either no response to query or tracking no is fraudulent. Typical answer "We are having a national holiday and will get back to you". This after 10 days

Desired outcome: Please refund money and get rid of scammers.

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Tharaa Hussein of US
Nov 09, 2022 3:41 am EST


There is a Chinese company called

Shanghai Flower Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai VON Industry Development Co., Ltd.

after I reached an agreement with their salesperson, "Cathy," and sent her the down payment.She made changes to our agreement and stated back us  our payment. It's been from August 24 until today that we haven't had our money. I also spoke with their CEO, who didn't support anything, and someone named Rachel said something bad to me because I was just asking them about our rights.

They are all handled with me in the same way: first answer, then no one responds. If they respond, just complain about why you are asking for so much money! Do you believe it?

Desired outcome: please we need our money

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Willy mwanza of US
Nov 01, 2022 6:31 am EDT

Poor quality rings order number: [protected]

Good Day,

Have bought male wedding ring from Shenzhen Aimili Jewelry Co., Ltd. (order [protected]). I give a review to confirm receiving but the quality is very poor. the rings damage short time as shown in the photo.

Please I need your help I have to get refunded.

memory shibuchi


WhatsApp number [protected] /[protected]

Desired outcome: refunded

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Geeball of rosslyn, CA
Oct 30, 2022 2:23 pm EDT
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Custom Printed T-shirts

I ordered custom screenprinted tshirts with my logo on them. I provided artwork and asked for specific colors for the logo..

Beware the seller is:

Yiwu Custom Brand Commodity Co., Ltd.

the shirts arrived and they are prinited with heat press logo NOT screenprinted as advertised and low and behold the printing of my logo is NOT the colors i requested.

Seller on Alibaba refusing to fix and also refusing to refund. i prefer the product being fixed and resent to me, seller refusing to budge.

will not buy from this company again.

Desired outcome: seller refusing to fix the order, and also refusing refund.

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Nathalie Hasler-Nguyen of US
Oct 21, 2022 12:42 am EDT

order [protected]

Ordered 100 pces of microprocessors in June 2022. for 1500 USD. Return 30 days.

We did the QC in October 2022, none seems to work with the program.

We wish a technical support from he manufacturer to evaluate the pieces and if needed, the refund.

Impossible to discuss with the lady from the chat , she is ill and she does not transfer our questions.

Desired outcome: Contact and discuss with the manufacturer

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Mr Villeneuve of 11290 - Montreal, FR
Sep 20, 2022 11:15 am EDT
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Tentative d'escroquerie de la part d'un fournisseur


je travaille avec beaucoup de fournisseur sur

j'ai passé commande et régler à l'avance comme je fais d'habitude car je fais confiance au fournisseur d'

j'ai payé un montant de 18168,96 USD le 10 avril 2022 et je n'ai toujours pas reçu ma commande .

le fournisseur me promène avec des prétexte infondé .

j'ai demandé remboursement et le fournisseur ne me donne plus de nouvelle .

je trouve honteux que des patriotes Chinois agissent comme cela a mon égard .

quelle poursuite dois-je effectué afin de récupérer mon montant .

auriez-vous un mail afin que je puisse vous transmettre les pièces pdf du bon de commande

merci de votre retour

Mr Villanueva

Desired outcome: je souhaite tous simplement récuperer mon argent .

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David Pieroni of US
Sep 17, 2022 7:44 pm EDT


please stay away from Alibaba company with the names of


wizard system

or Ibrahim Alsayed

Paul Gray

his company is a scam please trust me he will just take your money and lead you on

He took my money up front then told me he would not deliver the product until I pay additional taxes including material I did not order. He originally charged me for shipping then charged Ana additional tax that was 800% the price

stay away for you own benefit

Do not pay up front its a total scam

Desired outcome: money returned

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Dlittlestar of CN
Sep 02, 2022 5:23 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Arcade Game Machines and Bumper Cars

I recently purchased some Arcade Game Machines from China to be shipped to New york Tampa Shipping Port that I am not able to clear because Customs says I need prior authorization from the manufacturer for Copyright or Trademark to clear the game machines or they will confiscate them for Piracy use. I am trying but with no response from the seller in China regarding this matter.

Regarding the Bumper Cars, the seller in China refuses to give me the proper documents for the Battery to the Cars because they want me to use their shipper which does not require the legal documents other shippers need, and refuse to give me a full refund, it has been 5 months and I am still waiting for the Cars to be shipped.

These goods were purchased and paid for through Alibaba, so how do I get help solving my problem?

Desired outcome: Need to get the Goods that I paid for and waited over 5 months for

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Everest international trading of US
Aug 25, 2022 8:49 am EDT

Ladies t - shirt

Hello Dear sir or mam, I ordered 520 pieces of goods from a company through alibaba 3 months ago and bought the goods, I bought 11 designs and different colors from that company, but that company did not send me the same as I ordered! They only sent me all white clothes, that too for 3/4 years, and I did not get any response when I contacted that person, I contacted that company from your application! Please help me, this way your organization will be distrusted, please help me to solve this problem! I hope that you will give me full support in this, thank you

Desired outcome: Plz help me

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Maurice Brahms of White Plains, US
Aug 13, 2022 4:09 am EDT
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model F2 electric surfboard

I placed an order via PayPal for an electric surfboard on 8/11/22 to Camoro Tech Co. Ltd. The person I wired the money to is [protected] They insisted on being paid via Family and Friends and after several exchanges of e-mails we agreed that I would send half the payment ($295) via FF and the second half via goods and services. After the received the FF payment they changed the agreement and said I needed to send the second half via FF as well. I refused and have not heard back from them since. I now believe that this is not the company Camoro Tech Co ltd since the receipt they sent has a different address than the one I see at their website.

Desired outcome: I would like to be reimbursed for the $295 since I now believe this is a scam.

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Siraaj Surtie of -Maseru, LS
Aug 13, 2022 9:29 am EDT

hot selling phone i13 pro max 16gb+512gb 6.7 inch full display

i ordered a phone on 17/07/2022 and found that , it was not original i filed a refund application on 18/07/2022 FROM ALI ZHENG THEY AGREED TO MY REFUND AND IT SHOWED ME on 21/07/2022 THAT I WILL GET MY REFUND IN 10 WORKING DAYS BUT ITS CLOSE TO 15 DAYS NOW AND WHEN IM TEXTING THEM THEY TOLD ME I SHOULD CONTACT MY BANK I DID BUT MY BANK SAYS I WAS FRAUDED. Tracking number 1ZT202207188288596 AND ORDER NUMBER [protected] ORDER SUBMITTED ON 17/07/2022 10:53 ON REFUND PAY OUT IT SHOWES AMOUNT REFUNDED USD 154.9

TIME:21/07/2022 09:09:17


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Hersel Mikaelian of Goleta, US
Jul 19, 2022 1:37 pm EDT
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Please read my complaint to the seller. Hello Alice - It has been very difficult to deal with your company. I finally got frustrated when I learned from you that I won't receive the shipment by the time that you indicated. You said the shipment will take 28 to 30 days. Based on your representation and because I need the delivery as soon as possible, I...

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