Frequently Asked Questions

Consumer FAQ

Complaint/comment removal
How do I delete my complaint?

We do not remove complaints:

• unless we receive an officially signed court order.

• if they do not violate our Complaint Guidelines.

Our rules are well-settled on this point and we do not make any exceptions.

There may be some compromise solutions:

• If your complaint was solved or you changed your opinion regarding the business you are complaining about, you can mark it as "resolved" and add a comment stating that the problem has been settled, and if possible describe what exactly the company has done to help you. After you mark the complaint as "resolved", it will not affect the business's rating anymore. Please note that resolved complaints are not removed from the website either.

• If your review contains personal information, you always can contact us and we will gladly edit it for you. Please note that sensitive information is usually hidden/masked and is visible to you and company representatives only.

• If your review should be edited for other reasons (typos, wrong information, etc.), contact us and we will always help you. 

For more information, please contact our support team at
I was not advised that my complaint/comment would be publicly posted and do not authorize this. is a complaint platform, and complaints published on our website are not private. is intended to be a permanent record of disputes, including the ones that have been fully resolved. In order to maintain a complete record, information posted on will not be removed.

By posting information on, you confirm that you have read and agree with our Terms of use, Privacy policy, Consumer FAQ, and Business FAQ, and understand that the material you post will become part of's permanent record and will NOT be removed even at your request.

Our rules are well-settled on this point and we don't make any exceptions.

However, if you'd like to remove your personal information, you should contact us from the same email address you used to file the complaint and specify what exactly you'd like to be edited:

Correct request: Please remove the following from my complaint: Joe Blow, +11234567890, 00001 New York, NY
Wrong request: Please remove my home address, my name, my phone number

Wrong requests will not be considered.
I left a complaint/comment that had my personal information in it. I want it to be removed as soon as possible.

Sensitive information such as your phone number, email address, passport numbers, payment card information, social security numbers, etc., is not visible to anyone on the Internet but you and the company representatives, and is marked as [protected].

However, if you'd still like to edit or remove it, please shoot us an email at and provide the exact information that has to be edited/removed as we do not analyze/investigate the whole complaint. 

For example:

Correct request: Please remove the following from my complaint: Joe Blow, +11234567890, 00001 New York, NY
Wrong request: Please remove my home address, my name, my phone number

• Make sure you are sending your request from the same email address you used to file the complaint/comment

• Just in case, please do not forget to provide a link to the complaint or comment you'd like to be edited.

• We mostly edit typos and personal information.

The entire text removal (or the most part of it) is not allowed, as it's the same as complaint/comment removal. Complaints and comments are not removed.

• Your personal details are not shared with outside sources without your granted permission.

• Messages with wrong requests will not be considered.

I realized I attached pictures with personal information. How can I remove them?
In this case, please contact us at

You also can mask your personal information in any convenient way, and re-upload the attachments by sending a request to the above-mentioned email address.
I still can see my personal information when I google it. What's wrong?
Google Search Index gets updated approximately every 2-4 weeks. 

After the next update, your personal information will not show up in Google search.
Please note that Google Search is beyond our control.
How do I remove my comment?
Comments are not removed, but we can offer you to mark your comment as "resolved" and leave a statement describing the resolution.

Also, you can edit your comment if it contains inappropriate content or personal details.
To do so, please contact us by our email, and specify what exactly you would like to edit.

Correct request: Please remove the following from my complaint: Joe Blow, +11234567890, 00001 New York, NY
Wrong request: Please remove my home address, my name, my phone number

Wrong requests will not be considered.
Can my complaint be removed by reputation management companies?
Of course not.
Reputation management companies claim to be able to remove your complaint from any website for a fee, however, these claims are false.
We provide our services free of charge and do not offer any complaint removals.

Should you be contacted and offered reputation management services, let us know by sending an email to so we could prevent them from approaching and taking advantage of other customers.
My complaint is resolved. Can it be removed now?
No, we don't remove resolved complaints. After you mark the complaint as "resolved", it will not affect the business's rating anymore. Besides, it's a good idea to keep it as a proof for other users that a company indeed works on fixing any issues their customers may run into. Removing resolved complaints would make it look like that a company never addresses and/or resolves problems that their customers may have experienced.
Complaints & comments
How does help resolve complaints?
Each complaint is directly forwarded to a company it has been written for.

We guarantee that each company receives customer complaints, but we can't make them resolve the issues. They decide what exactly to do after getting a complaint.

On our main page, you can find great examples of companies that are active and customer-focused. They have a higher rating and are always ready to help. They pay attention to the needs and opinions of their customers.
A company that cares enough about its reputation will always reply or contact the customer and will do everything to resolve the issue.

If they don't answer, it's not necessarily anyone's fault. Some companies don't look after their reputation and do not value customers. 

But even in this situation, your review will still be useful as a way to warn other potential customers. In this case, does everything possible to let everyone know how this company treats its consumers unless they start resolving issues.
My complaint/comment doesn’t show up on the website. Why?
Some complaints may require to be reviewed by our team first to make sure they do not contain spam phrases, lewd pictures, offensive words, etc. If your complaint violates Terms of Use (cursing, direct insults towards other users, etc.), it will not be posted on the website.
This process may take from a few hours to 1-2 business days, so please be patient.

One more possible reason is that your complaint is too short. Make sure it's at least 350 characters long.

* Please be aware that complaints are not checked on weekends, so if you posted your complaint on Friday evening, it might not show up on the website until Monday.
What kind of complaints can be rejected?
Complaints containing the following will not be allowed:
• Harassment, defamatory materials, profanity, other objectionable content;
• Trolling and provocation;
• Second-hand experiences;
• Large amounts of identical and repetitive comments;
• Inappropriate, offensive, or lewd photos and videos;
• Attempts to impersonate another person or entity;
• Copyrighted materials;
• Spam and/or promotional content;
• Other people's personal information posted without their permission.

If your complaint is too short, it will be rejected as well. Make sure it's at least 350 characters long.
If you can't see your review online, it means it has been taken offline for the above-mentioned reasons.
In order to protect our system from potential abuse, we don't provide reviewers with any specific details about how their review was examined and the criteria we used to take the review offline. 

Repeated or malicious violations may result in the indefinite suspension of your account.
What can I do if a business blackmails me into editing or removing my review?
It is against policy to threaten or pay the reviewers to edit or remove their posts. Although it is rare, businesses sometimes approach customers with intentions to have them remove or change their reviews in exchange for any kind of payment.
This kind of activities by either businesses or customers violate our Terms and Conditions and negatively impact the business’s reputation on

We strongly encourage our users to keep their reviews genuine and only truthfully update them as new information arises. We expect consumers to refrain from accepting payment or any other incentive. 

As an alternative approach, we recommend businesses to address the negative reviews by giving feedback, showing interest in customer’s complaints and issues, and, lastly, explaining how you would solve them. This way allows customers to feel appreciated and they will likely update their reviews.

If a business approaches you with threats or offers in exchange for editing or taking down your post, you should contact our Customer Support with the details of the situation. Our Support team will then help you.
How can I mark my complaint as resolved?
  • Log in to your account
  • Click your profile icon in the top-right corner to open the account menu
  • In the "My Complaints" section click “Mark Complaint as Resolved
  • Provide a short description of what exactly the company has done to help you (optional)
  • Click “Submit
Your complaint will be marked as “resolved” and a resolution statement will be added.
Please note that resolved complaints are not removed from the website.
For some reason my complaint is marked as resolved, but it's a mistake. Can its status be reinstated?
There may be several reasons as to why your complaint is marked as resolved:
1) It was accidentally marked as resolved by the reviewer when trying to update the complaint.
To make sure that it's your case, open your complaint and check the resolution statement (a green bar right below your complaint).
If it contains additional information regarding your issue, it means that you have marked the review as resolved unintentionally. 
To change the complaint status, please contact us at
We'd like to take this opportunity to say that this option is not for adding a new comment, it's for marking your complaint as resolved in case the business has settled your issue.
2) Each company has 30 days to provide an official reply to their customers (publicly or directly).
If the complainant doesn't respond within these 30 days, we consider that either the issue has been resolved or the consumer is no longer interested in the complaint.
In this case, the complaint will be marked as "resolved" and will not be reinstated.
3) The complaint was posted more than 3 years ago and to date may be irrelevant.
If you left your complaint 8-10 years ago and never visited the website since then, and suddenly decided to change the complaint status to unresolved, your request will be declined. 
No confirmation from the reviewer is needed.
I can't log in or forgot my password. How do I reset it?
Before resetting your password, please try doing the following:

• Try to enter your login and password again, but keep in mind that our system requires the correct input of uppercase and lowercase letters.

• Having the Caps Lock key on can also lead to a frustrating series of "wrong password" alerts.

• We also recommend that you log into the website using your laptop or PC (not your phone), as sometimes mobile versions may not work properly (for reasons beyond our control).

If the issue still persists, please follow the instruction below on how to reset your password:

1) Click Sign in at the top right corner of the screen

2) In the appeared window click Forgot your password? (do not enter your login and password)

3) Enter your email address (the same one you used to file the complaint) and click Reset

4) You will receive an email with further instructions and you'll be able to set up a new password.
How can I change my email address?
To change your email address, please shoot us an email at, and provide the new email address you would like to use.

Please make sure you're sending your request from the same email address you used to sign up.
I have received a direct message from a company. What does it mean?
Most commonly, it means that they want to get specific information regarding your complaint and help you resolve the issue.
We don't recommend ignoring their requests.

If the company blackmails you into removing your review, please immediately contact us and provide the details.
What will happen if I don't reply to the company?

Replying or not is surely your right, however, if the company doesn't hear back from you within 7 days after providing you with their official response, the complaint will be automatically marked as resolved and will not be reinstated in case you change your mind.

Moreover, submitting a complaint on our website is supposed to get the company's attention, so why would you ignore their desire to help you?

How can I remove my personal account?

Please note that removing your account from will result in all your personal information being deleted from our system, however, complaints and comments will remain. Your nickname will be replaced by the default nickname we use for deleted accounts: "ghost".

If your complaint contains personal information or pictures you don't want to be publicly posted, you should contact us from the same email address you used to file the complaint and specify what exactly you'd like to be edited:

Correct request: Please remove the following: Joe Blow, +11234567890, 00001 New York, NY

Wrong request: Please remove my home address, my name, my phone number

Wrong requests will not be considered.

However, if you still want to close your account and remove all your data from our system, please follow the instructions below:

• Log in to your account
• Click your profile icon in the top-right corner to open the account menu
• Choose "My Profile"
• Click "Edit my profile". From the resulting menu, select "Edit profile"
• Select "Delete account"
• In the appeared pop-up window confirm your choice or cancel.

What does "Verified user" mean?
A verified user is an individual who has taken the steps to verify their identity by confirming their email address.
Why am I being asked to verify my account?
We completely understand you being suspicious and skeptical of complaints and reviews posted online. That's why we ask customers to verify their profiles to raise the overall level of trust on the website.
This status allows others to see that the customer has taken the steps to verify their identity and anyone reading their review can be confident it is from an actual customer with genuine experience.
How do I verify my account?
Verification is a simple process that's done automatically, but in some exceptional cases our team may ask you to provide proof of purchase to make sure your review is real and honest.
You can verify your account by:
• Confirming your email address;
• Signing in with a social media account (Facebook, Twitter or Google);
• Providing proof of purchase;
• Entering a verification code from SMS.
How can I check if my account is verified?
Once you’ve completed the verification process, the "Verified user" status will be indicated right next to your name.
Other questions
How can I find out the contact information of a complaint author?
You can send a personal message to a user through our messaging system and request such details.
I found the wrong company information on their official business page. How can I flag it?
We have thousands of business profiles on our website, our system doesn't update companies' contact information automatically, so it's physically impossible to monitor all of them.

If you noticed wrong information, we would be grateful if you could share it with us by dropping us an email marked "irrelevant information" at Don't forget to include a link to the business account.

To date, there's no option of flagging information as wrong.
How can I contact other users of
Click on the user’s nickname. You will be taken to his/her profile.
Click on the "Send Message" button.
How to contact support team?
If we haven't answered your question, please call us at +1 240 764 4863 or send your inquiry to
We will endeavor to respond to your query at the earliest opportunity, normally within 48 hours (business days only).
Please note that we don't accept complaints by phone.
For support-related inquiries, please use our email instead:

Business FAQ

Getting Started
What is is one of the oldest consumer complaint websites on the Internet, established in 2004 and is completely free, safe, and easy to use for everyone. By saying free, we mean it's absolutely free. No beta, no cut versions. acts as a platform for customers worldwide to forward their complaints to the respective companies to resolve whatever issues they have.

Why should we care about the posted complaints anyway? Can't we just ignore them?

First of all, is the most popular and influential complaint resolution platform on the Internet. There are lots of potential consumers worldwide seeking information about a company before engaging in any interaction with it.

Second, it's rather unusual for a business not to care about those thanks to whom it exists in the first place. A lot of companies flopped due to a lack of care towards their customers, nearly non-existent feedback, and negative "word of mouth" spreading around.

Our years of experience show that customers generally have more trust towards a business that can admit its mistakes and works on resolving them, rather than towards the one that simply ignores everything.

Additionally, the majority of consumers nowadays are Generation X and Generation Y: both of them are tech and Internet savvy (especially Generation Y), therefore in their eyes, a business with a crystal clear reputation on the Internet looks suspicious and untrustworthy. And the numbers of such customers only increase every day.

It gets even worse if a company doesn't have any reviews whatsoever, be they positive or negative, as customers are unwilling to gamble by spending their money on a completely unknown service.

How do we even use your website?

First of all, you need to log into an account at

If you discovered our website after receiving an email from us, it means we have already created an account for your convenience and granted it additional features that normally aren't accessible to a regular user.

These features include, but are not limited to:

  • easy tracking of complaints (and their updates) against your business;
  • seal of approval of being a verified representative;
  • ability to see user contact details and their sensitive information and many more.

We strongly recommend using an account we've provided you with, as it will differentiate you from other users and will erase any doubts of your customers that you're indeed a legitimate, verified representative of the respected business.

If you have stumbled on while browsing the Internet and/or found your company's profile on the website, then you can either:

1) Create an account on your own AND notify us by email, so we could grant you these additional features, or

2) Contact us by email and make a request to provide you with a business account.

Afterward, you can either use a complaint tracker to check new/updated complaints against your company or visit your business account to find a complaint you wish to respond to and post your reply.

Is held liable for content posted on the platform?

At we aim to keep our community’s content helpful and relevant. However, it is the users who are responsible for their posts and reviews on our website.
If you have issues with some posts, you can report them to our team for assessment or you might contact the person who left the post.  

Do we have to pay anything?

No, our website is absolutely free, easy, and safe to use for everyone.

We have an internal ticketing system and we do not use complaint platforms.

Fair enough, lots of companies do. However, your customer may simply be unaware of it or may find it uncomfortable to use, or any other reason as to why they decided to contact you through us. You can simply inform them about it in your response. It's neither hard nor it takes long.

Business account
Can we create an account on our own?

Yes, but in general it's not advised. A self-made account doesn’t have special features such as:

  • complaint tracker and the ability to see sensitive information that is hidden from other users;
  • it is marked as a legitimate, verified representative of the respected company;
  • it stands out of a crowd and will receive recognition from your customers.

If you have already created an account and want it to be verified, please contact us at

Who has created our company's profile on your website?
Your business account has been created by our editorial team; the information has been taken from publicly available sources.
How do we remove our Business Account?
Customers are not to be denied the right to leave complaints on any website they visit, so we do not delete Business Accounts.

We don't remove business information either, as it's publicly accessible. If you think your company's information is incorrect, please contact us and we will take care of this matter.

Try to derive maximum benefit from these reviews to improve your service or whatever your customers complain about.
Listen to them carefully, make concessions, resolve their issues, and you will surely succeed.
What does "Customer contacted" mean?
It means that a company has reached out to a customer directly using our internal messaging system to find out more information about the complaint or other details that would help resolve the issue faster. 
Who can contact a customer directly?
A customer can be contacted by a business that has a claimed Business Account on
What is a claimed business account?
It means that this account has been claimed by business customer service/representative through our verification process.
How can we claim our Business Account?
To join us as a business, contact us at and submit a request for verification.
Why should we claim our Business Account?
In short: it gives you more control over your Business Account on ComplaintsBoard.​com.​
If you claim your business, you can:​
  • Directly interact and engage with your customers by using our internal messaging system;
  • See customers' sensitive information such as phone number, order number, email address, etc.;
  • Use the Questions and Answers feature based on customers' concerns mentioned in their complaints;
  • Leave official public responses;
  • Ask customers to provide specific information such as their reference or booking number;
  • Track complaints and customer replies;
  • Receive a “claimed’’ checkmark.
Is claiming free?
Absolutely! Your Business Account can be claimed and managed at no cost.
What if we don’t claim our Business Account?
Claiming is not a necessary option, but the above-mentioned features will not be available. However, we will always be there for you and continue supporting you all the way.​
How does the Questions and Answers feature work?
We've created this feature for you because you know your customers' inquiries much better and can answer all of their questions. Just look through reviews to figure out what your customers are worried about the most. 

How does it work?
You can provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions and we will publish them on our website. The answers should be based on concerns that are mentioned in the customers' complaints and don't necessarily have to be the same as they are on your website.

Do they want a refund? Explain how they could get it.
Or maybe they want to make a return? Provide a return address or describe this process.
Who knows, maybe after finding an answer, the customer will not raise a complaint.

To provide the answers to the frequently asked questions, please shoot us an email at
How is the rating calculated?
Customer satisfaction rating is a complicated algorithm that indicates customer experience with a company. It measures a brand’s responsiveness and complaint resolution success on a scale from 1 to 5 stars per complaint that then is combined for the overall score. When a new complaint appears, the formula takes into account the following four main variables and one additional variable:

1. Resolution: eventually, it all comes down to resolving complaints successfully. The facts of whether the complaint was marked as resolved and the time it took to resolve it directly impact the score. Ultimately, the more complaints are resolved, the better the rating is.

2. Reply time: naturally, waiting time matters greatly. Long response time can significantly harm the way customers feel about your business resulting in poor customer experience and, ultimately, lower score. Yet on the bright side, the algorithm excludes weekends and holidays from calculating the response speed as we understand that customer support also has their days off.

3. Quality of response: personalized responses have an advantage over generic templates. In this way, the algorithm generally favors companies that address customers by their names and approach their problems individually.

4. Response frequency: this metric indicates the company’s regularity and consistency in responding to all incoming complaints. The frequency of a response to new complaints contributes to a better score meaning the more complaints are addressed, the higher the company is rated.

5. Pending complaints: these refer to complaints a company has responded to, but there has been no further communication from the users. We understand that this situation is not the company’s fault. To eliminate any negative effect it can have on the score, these complaints are marked with the status “pending” that in our formula translates as “started, but not resolved yet”. A pending complaint does help improve the rating, but not as a fully resolved complaint.
How does the resolution process work?
To put it simply:
1) A customer leaves a negative review for your company;
2) You will receive a notification about it;
3) Visit the complaint page and post your response;
4) The customer will receive an almost immediate notification that the business has replied;
5) If the complainant does not respond within 30 days after your comment, we consider that either the issue has been resolved or the consumer is no longer interested in the complaint. In this case, the complaint will be marked as "resolved".
Can our ratings on be improved by reputation management companies?
Reputation management companies claim to be able to remove your business listings from any website for a fee, however, these claims are false and do not influence your ratings or reputation on
We provide our services free of charge and we do not offer any business listing or complaint removals.
Should you be contacted and offered reputation management services, let us know by sending an email to so we can prevent them from approaching and taking advantage of other companies.
How do we remove a complaint from your website?
We do not remove complaints unless we receive an officially signed court order.
Please have our customers directly email us instead of posting complaints
In theory, we could do that, but that is very likely to have a long-term negative effect on the customers in general.
Why do customers even begin to take their complaints to the public? Why do they prefer to post it on our website instead of sending it directly to you?
Because there are/were a lot of companies that simply ignore(d) complaints as long as they are/were private.
We're more than positive that you have heard of at least one incident when the business owners began resolving issues only after the word got out and spread like a wildfire on the Internet, news, and/or TV. Yes, it's unpleasant, but that's how the world functions nowadays.
And that is why people come to us: they believe that by voicing their concern in public they're more likely to draw some attention to the issue.
Besides, we notify you by email each time a complaint is posted or an already existing complaint is updated. We also provide a live tracking system.
How do we remove a complaint that we consider to be false from your website?
At ComplaintsBoard we let our users share their experiences, and we do not remove reviews solely based on the business’s claim that they are false.

If you suspect a review to be fake, you can consider taking the following steps:
  • Any reviews that do not comply with the ComplaintsBoard’s Complaint Guidelines should be reported. Usually, this kind of content consists of personal attacks and verbal assaults, personal data of employees, sharing other people’s experiences, conflicts of interest, and reviews meant for other websites.
  • Aim at resolving complaints from real customers. The more complaints you have resolved, the lesser is the impact of the fake complaints on your business.
  • Publicly express in a comment or a private message why you find a review to be inaccurate. This will diminish the effect these reviews might have by showing your customers the whole picture of the situation. Moreover, responding to complaints and interacting with your customers brings a higher value to the companies.
  • If you believe our moderators have missed a suspicious review, you can report it with supporting evidence and the complaint will be further investigated. Often these removal requests are not successful, so we advise you to try alternative options. 
Can I openly make a statement that a review on is fake or incorrect?
Yes, you can say that the reviews are false, however, in our experience, trying to resolve the complaints through direct messages or public responses has a better impact on your company’s reputation.
If you find it necessary and you can justify your claim, you can leave a comment with a polite message and in no way attack or verbally assault the reviewer.
Keep in mind that the comment you leave is public and will make a positive or negative impression of your customer service and your business in general on other potential customers.
We resolved the complaint. Can it be removed now?
No, we do not remove resolved complaints.
Can we pay to have some of our complaints removed?

Absolutely not. Businesses cannot pay to have reviews removed. has a very strict policy of removing reviews only if they violate ComplaintsBoard’s Complaint Guidelines or are considered by our moderators to be suspicious.
We apply these guidelines to all reviews across our website.

Can I offer the reviewer something in exchange for complaint removal?
First of all, we do not remove complaints.
Second, it is forbidden to promise to resolve complaints in exchange for their removal.
Once a complaint has been resolved, you can contact the customer to ask them to consider updating their review describing the assistance you provided.
Your choices of resolving complaints cannot be driven or solely depend on the editing or removal of a complaint by the reviewer.
What can I do if a reviewer is blackmailing for payment to remove the review?

Any kind of blackmail is against our Complaint Guidelines. It is forbidden to threaten a business to write a negative review or promising to remove a negative review in exchange for money or free gifts. If you are aware of such a situation, let us know about it.

Keep in mind that we will be able to take action only when you provide evidence of what happened. Please reach out to our Customer Support with the details of the situation and we will solve it in your name.
We will only take action if someone has expressed their intentions to take down a review in exchange for a financial incentive or blackmail to write a negative review if they don’t pay them.

We do not get involved in disputes between the customers and businesses if customers are requesting a refund or compensation for the disappointing items and experience.

What if a complainant is unresponsive?
Whenever you respond to the complainant, we send a notification e-mail informing the user that the company has left a response. If that person fails to respond within 7 days, we will assume the complainant is no longer interested in a complaint and will mark the complaint as "resolved".
Other inquiries
Our IP got banned and we can't post anymore.
Please contact us at and we'll be more than happy to unban you and whitelist your IP.
What are's contact details?
Address: Mediolex Ltd, Darzauglu 1, Riga, Latvia
Phone: +1 240 764 4863 (please note that we don't accept complaints by phone).

For business support-related inquiries, please use our email instead:
I did not find the answer to my question here.
If you can't find the answer to your inquiry or if you have general comments or feedback, you can always contact us directly at

Still have a question?

If you can't find the answer to your inquiry or if you have general comments or feedback, you can always contact us directly at